What does it feel like to lose your home and start your life again in a foreign land with a foreign culture? How do you anchor yourself to feel safe? How do you find the familiar in so much unfamiliar?

'A Taste Of Home' is a recipe book created by Refugee families across Lancashire who have had to live through the unimaginable. The book shows just a small glimpse of how they have begun to rebuild and recentre their life whilst honouring the home they lost. Food, family and friends are the core of Syrian culture; eating together, enjoying good food and each other.

We hope you like this film and the book, which is available to pre-order now at

Producer Franky Chadwick @ Alibi Films
DOP Tom Welsh
Editor Sarah Peczek
Colourist Jax Harney
Score Pedro Syrah
Online Will Baxter
Sound Mix Dan Pugsley
Special thanks George Baxter

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